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Welcome to Prudent Protection Service! Private Security   Professionals,
Active & Retired Law Enforcement Officers...

Legally Armed NYS / NYC Licensed Armed Guards
Graduates of The Executive Protection Institute.
Certified,PPS (Personal Protection Specialist)

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Prudent Protection Service, Inc. is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We develop proactive security programs and pre-screening solutions that are effective.
Employers and property managers have a responsibility to make an effort to provide a safe environment for their customers, employees and tenants.
The running of a Background Check and providing adequate licensed security personnel is now considered “reasonable”especially since employers and property managers have found themselves in court involving, inadequate security and negligent hiring lawsuits.
At Prudent Protection Service, we see ourselves as background check experts and security consultants. In just 15-30 minutes, we can do an analysis to determine not only what you are doing now, but what solutions will be best for your needs.
We have helped many small, medium, and large companies take a fresh look at their pre-screening and security programs. Our clients have seen the resulting benefits in cost savings, time and  legal protection.
"An ounce of protection is worth more than a pound of cure"